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Habitalia helps companies increase their efficiency by using data not only for analytics but to solve real complex problems.

Data science consulting, working with organizations on machine learning, software development, knowledge extraction, predictive analytics, and visualization platforms.


We know how to transform your data into the tools necessary for decision making and problem solution. Our interfaces are interactive, clear, user friendly, and beautiful.


  • Data governance and regulatory compliance strategy.
  • Project management
  • Development and launch of predictive analytics products
  • Studying existing information systems, new data sources


  • ETL & ELT pipelines implementation
  • Improve data reliability and simplify cloud-scale production operations.
  • Integration of predictive models into existing IT architectures.



  • Tailored dashboards specially designed for the client’s data sets.
  • Models’ integration with APIs and front-end applications
  • Advanced integration, safe, and scalable.


  • Big data infrastructure design
  • Master data management systems
  • Equipment configuration
  • System software and data warehouses deployment and administration

Our Clients

Cases & Products

Our clients have a wide variety of needs. Below we share a few of the cases that our clients have made public for you to grasp what we could do for you.

We commit to working on meaningful projects. You will see in our cases Habitalia’s focus on supporting organizations that aim to contribute to an equal society and sustainable global development.


Today, every process generates data. But putting your data to work is hard. Data is siloed, disconnected and fragmented – and therefore unable to inform strategic decisions

Datawheel can put your data to work. Our modular solutions range from data lakes with comprehensive APIs to expressive data visualizations and data driven narratives.

Learn what solution works best in your journey to complete your digital transformation.

CPI – Infonavit-UNHabitat

On this platform, Infonavit and UN-Habitat present the results of the Prosperous Cities Index (CPI) which, under an integrative approach, provides tools to identify opportunities and strengths to build more prosperous cities.


Plotypus is an automated plot generator. The clients input their data, and the designer will create nicely designed plots based on our clients’ preferences.

Predict Box

This boxed robot predicts businesses’ needs and guides decision-makers on how to prioritize their companies’ next moves.

Document Manager

Cloud-based document management and workflow automation solution that helps companies transfer their documentation on a unified platform. Enabling users to perform automated data entry and management, while ensuring the highest security and privacy standards for compliance with laws such as HIPPA and GDPR.

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